Supported Windows Communication Foundation Features

HPC sessions do not support all of the WCF features. The following identifies those WCF features that HPC supports.


HPC supports only BasicHttpBinding and NetTcpBinding bindings.

Message Exchange Patterns

HPC supports only request-reply patterns; HPC does not support duplex patterns.

Service Contracts

HPC supports the Name and Namespace attributes; HPC does not support the CallbackContract and SessionMode attributes.

Operation Contracts

HPC supports the following attributes:

  • Action
  • AsyncPattern
  • Name
  • ReplyAction
HPC does not support the following attributes:
  • IsInitiating
  • IsOneWay
  • IsTerminating

Message Contracts

HPC supports the features that the following message contract samples demonstrate:

  • Default Message Contract
  • Unwrapped Messages
  • Xml Reader
  • Untyped Request/Reply

HPC does not support the features that the Setting the Use and Style Properties sample demonstrates.

For information about the message contract samples, see Message Contract Samples.

Service Concurrency Modes

HPC supports the Single, Multiple, and Reentrant concurrency modes.

Service Instancing Modes

HPC supports the PerCall and Single instancing modes; HPC does not support the PerSession instancing mode.