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Outbound Provider Configuration Settings

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

Find the latest SDK documentation: CRM 2015 SDK

The following settings are specific to outbound providers. Be aware that all time intervals in the configuration file are specified in milliseconds.

Tag NameDescription
UserIdIdentifies the Microsoft Dynamics CRM ID of the user whose outgoing e-mail messages should be processed. Multiple UserId tags are supported within ProviderConfiguration tags.
QueueIdIdentifies the Microsoft Dynamics CRM ID of the queue whose outgoing e-mail messages should be processed.
EmailUseSslSpecifies if the Secure Sockets Layer protocol should be used when it sends e-mail messages. Supported values are true and false.
DeliveryMethodIdentifies the delivery method for sending e-mail. Supported values are the same as is used in System.Net.Mail.SmtpDeliveryMethod.
PendingStatusDelayDefines the time period delay after the last e-mail send action. The E-mail Router delays this period of time before it sends out e-mail again.
SendingStatusDelayDefines the time period delay after which an unsent e-mail should be reprocessed.
CodePageDefines the codepage to be used when it sends e-mail.
MaximumDeliveryAttemptsDefines the maximum number of tries performed by the E-mail Router to send the e-mail out. If the maximum threshold is reached, the status of the e-mail in Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be set to "Failed".
BatchSizeDescribes how many users and queues to batch together when it makes one BackgroundSendEmail request. The BackgroundSendEmail request is made to download pending e-mail messages from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
RequestBatchSizeDefines the maximum number of e-mail messages to download in one BackgroundSendEmail request.


The following code shows an example of a ProviderConfiguration settings XML fragment for an outbound provider in the configuration XML file.

<ProviderConfiguration deploymentId="fd880e79-6f1b-4e40-aa05-628b845653fb">

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