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Inbound Provider Configuration Settings

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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The following settings are specific to inbound providers.

Tag NameDescription
EmailUserSpecifies the user name of the user whose mailbox is to be monitored.
EmailPasswordSpecifies the account password to be used to log on to the user's mailbox.
EmailAddressSpecifies the e-mail address of the user whose mailbox is to be monitored.
IsForwardMailboxIndicates if the mailbox being monitored is a forward mailbox. If a mailbox is a sink mailbox, the E-mail Router processes the e-mail found in the attachment of the e-mail instead of the e-mail itself. The user mailboxes forward their e-mail messages to this mailbox as attachments.
DeleteEmailsIndicates if the e-mail should be deleted from the mailbox after it is processed. This is a good option if the mailbox is an unmonitored mailbox.
MessageExpirySpecifies the threshold time after which a message in the mailbox is considered old and will no longer be processed. This is useful if an error is encountered when an e-mail is processed.
MoveEmailsIndicates if the undeliverable e-mail should be moved to a separate folder.


The following code shows an example of a ProviderConfiguration settings XML fragment for an inbound provider in the configuration XML file.

<ProviderConfiguration deploymentId="fd880e79-6f1b-4e40-aa05-628b845653fb">
   <CrmServerUrl>http://serverName/OrganizationName</CrmServerUrl >
   <Target>First name Last name</Target>

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