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PollingEmailProvider Class (E-mail Providers)

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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Provides basic polling-based e-mail processing semantics.

The PollingEmailProvider class inherits from EmailProvider. It exposes the following members.

Instance MethodDescription
AcceptQueuingIndicates if the provider is ready to be queued.
RunImplements the primary e-mail processing feature of the provider.

Instance PropertyDescription
EmailAddressGets the e-mail address of the user whose mailbox is to be monitored.
EmailAuthModeGets the mode used to authenticate with the e-mail server.
EmailPasswordGets the encrypted account password used to log on to the user's mailbox.
EmailServerGets the name of the e-mail server.
EmailUserGets the user name of the user whose mailbox is to be monitored.
PollingPeriodGets the time interval, specified in milliseconds, after which the provider should be rescheduled.


Implements AcceptQueuing to accept queuing requests based on the specified polling period and last run time. Implements Run to update the last run time.


Namespace: Microsoft.Crm.Tools.Email.Providers

Assembly: Microsoft.Crm.Tools.EmailProviders.dll

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