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Developing a Custom E-mail Provider

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

Find the latest SDK documentation: CRM 2015 SDK

This section describes how you can create new custom e-mail providers. The E-mail Provider framework lets developers delegate configuration, instantiation, persistence, and scheduling responsibilities to the E-mail Router.

When you develop a custom e-mail provider you should start the design process by analyzing your specific requirements:

  • What kind of configuration parameters will each provider instance need?
  • What state information should each provider instance persist?
  • When should each provider instance run?
  • When should persisted state information be deleted?

This topic shows how to develop a provider that downloads RSS feed items and creates corresponding activities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Each provider instance should know the name of the RSS feed to connect to and whether a secure protocol should be used to connect. Be aware that, because this example uses new functionality, the higher level EmailProvider is used as the base class instead of the more specialized PollingEmailProvider class.

Also, provider state information should include the time stamp of the last processed RSS feed item. This is used as a threshold date/time to incrementally download more recent RSS feed items. Be aware that this provider example does not provide an implementation of the code that is required to download RSS feed items.

Use the following steps to create a custom e-mail provider:

  1. Design the Configuration XML
  2. Start a Project
  3. Specify Configuration Parameters
  4. Specify State Information
  5. Set the Scheduling Method
  6. Implement the Execution Routine
  7. Manage State Information

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