Using Controls and Dialog Boxes

The following topics show how to use the controls and dialog boxes that are available with the Silverlight runtime and the Silverlight SDK.

Getting Started with Controls

Describes how to set control properties, set control styles, and handle control events.


Provides links to topics that show how to use and customize the DataGrid control.

Dialog Boxes Overview

Describes the different kinds of dialog boxes and how you would use them.

How to: Add a Control to the Toolbox

Describes how to add a control to the Visual Studio 2010 toolbox.

How to: Add Tab Items to a Tab Control

Describes different ways to add tab items to a tab control.

How to: Create User-Resizable Applications with GridSplitter

Shows how to use the Grid and GridSplitter controls to create a user-resizable application

How to: Handle the Checked Event for the CheckBox Control

Shows how to handle the Checked event for a CheckBox control.

How to: Display Data in a ListBox

Shows the different ways you can display data in a ListBox control.

How to: Change the Appearance and Behavior of the AutoCompleteBox Control

Shows how to customize the appearance and filtering behavior of the AutoCompleteBox using properties and methods.

How to: Use a TreeView to Display Hierarchical Data

Shows how to use a TreeView control with a HierarchicalDataTemplate to display hierarchical data.


Contains links to an InkPresenter overview and various InkPresenter tasks.

RichTextBox Overview

Introduces the RichTextBox control, describes some of its features, and shows examples of how to use it in XAML and code.

Text and Fonts

Describes the Silverlight functionality for rendering text in controls and creating formatted text.

WebBrowser and WebBrowserBrush Controls

Describes the WebBrowser and WebBrowserBrush controls and how to use them together.