Lesson 4: Testing the Lesson Package

In the previous lessons in this tutorial, you have done the following tasks:

  • Created a new Integration Services project.

  • Run the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard and created a package that exports data from a SQL Server ODBC data source to an existing text file.

Your package is now complete! It is time to test your package.

Before you test the package you should verify that the control and data flows in the lesson package, Export ODBC Lesson.dtsx, contain the objects shown in the following diagrams.

Control Flow

Control Flow

Data Flow

Data Flow

Also, the package should include the following two connection managers: SourceConnectionAdoNET and DestinationConnectionFlatFile. The SourceConnectionAdoNet connection manager connects to the SQL Server ODBC data source. The DesinationConnectionFlatFile connection manager connects to the text file.

Connection Managers

Use the following procedure to test your package.

To run the Export ODBC Lesson package

  1. In Business Intelligence Development Studio, in Solution Explorer, click Export ODBC Lesson.dtsx.

  2. On the Debug menu, click Start Debugging.

    The package will run, and result in 10 rows successfully being added to the text file.

  3. After the package has completed running, on the Debug menu, click Stop Debugging.

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