Specifying a Testing Data Set for the Structure (Basic Data Mining Tutorial)

In the final few screens of the Data Mining Wizard you will split your data into a testing set and a training set. You will then name your structure and enable drill through on the model.

Separating data into training and testing sets when you create a mining structure makes it possible to immediately assess the accuracy of the mining models that you create later. For more information on testing sets, see Partitioning Data into Training and Testing Sets (Analysis Services - Data Mining).

To specify the testing set

  1. On the Create Testing Set page, for Percentage of data for testing, leave the default value of 30.

  2. For Maximum number of cases in testing data set, type 1000.

  3. Click Next.

Drillthrough can be enabled on models and on structures. The checkbox in this window enables drillthrough on the named model and enables you to retrieve detailed information from the model cases that were used to train the model.

If the underlying mining structure has also been configured to allow drillthrough, you can retrieve detailed information from the model cases and the mining structure, including columns that were not included in the mining model. For more information, see Using Drillthrough on Mining Models and Mining Structures (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

To name the model and structure and specify drillthrough

  1. On the Completing the Wizard page, in Mining structure name, type Targeted Mailing.

  2. In Mining model name, type TM_Decision_Tree.

  3. Select the Allow drill through check box.

  4. Review the Preview pane. Notice that only those columns selected as Key, Input or Predictable are shown. The other columns you selected (e.g., AddressLine1) are not used for building the model but will be available in the underlying structure, and can be queried after the model is processed and deployed.

  5. Click Finish.

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