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ariaActivedescendant property

Sets or retrieves the currently active child element.

Internet Explorer 8



object.setAttribute("ariaActivedescendant",value);var value = object.getAttribute("ariaActivedescendant");

Property values

Type: BSTR

The IHTMLElement::id property value of the descendent element.

Standards information


Used in Roles


To simplify keyboard navigation, an element that gains focus may specify the currently active child element by IHTMLElement::id. The container element should change the designated descendant during a HTMLFrameSiteEvents::onkeypress event. The container should also ensure that the current child has a style that visibly shows it is active, such as an outline or different background color.

Note  For cross-browser compatibility, always use the WAI-ARIA attribute syntax to access and modify ARIA properties, for example object.setAttribute("aria-valuenow", newValue).

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