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Destroys an ADRLIST structure and frees associated memory, including memory allocated for all member arrays and structures.

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Client applications and service providers

void FreePadrlist(
  LPADRLIST padrlist


[in] Pointer to the ADRLIST structure to be destroyed.

As part of its implementation of FreePadrlist, MAPI calls the MAPIFreeBuffer function to free every entry in the ADRLIST structure before freeing the complete structure. Therefore all such entries must have followed the allocation rules for the ADRLIST structure, using an individual MAPIAllocateBuffer call for each member array and structure.

For more information about allocating memory for ADRLIST and SRowSet structures, see Managing Memory for ADRLIST and SRowSet Structures.

For MFCMAPI sample code, see the following table.






MFCMAPI uses the FreePadrlist method to free an ADRLIST structure that was built to add a one-off address to a message.