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Determining a Table's End

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A common error is to assume that the end of the table has been reached when:

  • IMAPITable::QueryRows has been called in a loop, with the end of the loop determined by the row count returned by IMAPITable::GetRowCount. The count that GetRowCount returns does not always represent the exact number of rows in the table; it is an approximate count.

  • QueryRows has been called with a fixed number of rows and fewer rows are returned. It is not until QueryRows returns a row set with a row count equal to zero that there are no more rows to retrieve.

Important noteImportant

The only time that a caller can assume that the cursor is positioned at the end of the table for a positive row count or at the beginning of the table for a negative row count is when the value S_OK and zero rows are returned. The value MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND is never returned.