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PidTagAdditionalRenEntryIds Canonical Property

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Contains the entry IDs of certain special folders.

Associated properties:




Data type:



Outlook application

The first five entries of this multi-valued property apply to following special folders, if they exist in the store:

0 – conflicts folder

1 – sync issues folder

2 – local failures folder

3 – server failures folder

4 – junk e-mail folder

Protocol Specifications


Provides references to related Exchange Server protocol specifications.


Specifies the properties and operations for creating and locating the special folders in a mailbox.


Identifies and marks e-mail messages that are designed to trick recipients into divulging sensitive information (such as passwords and other personal information) to a non-trustworthy source.


Enables the handling of allow/block lists and the determination of junk e-mail messages.

Header Files


Contains definitions of properties listed as associated properties.


Provides data type definitions.