Last modified: July 23, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

Returns a table of one-off templates for creating recipients to be added to the recipient list of an outgoing message.

HRESULT GetOneOffTable(
  ULONG ulFlags,


[in] A bitmask of flags that controls the type of string columns included in the table. The following flag can be set:


The string columns are in Unicode format. If the MAPI_UNICODE flag is not set, the string columns are in ANSI format.


[out] A pointer to a pointer to the one-off table.


The one-off table was successfully retrieved.


Either the MAPI_UNICODE flag was set and the address book provider does not support Unicode, or MAPI_UNICODE was not set and the address book provider supports only Unicode.


The address book provider does not supply any one-off templates.

MAPI calls the GetOneOffTable method to make available one-off templates to create recipients. The new recipients are added to the recipient list of an outgoing message. Address book providers should support notification on their one-off table to inform MAPI of template modifications. MAPI keeps the one-off table open to enable dynamic updating.

Address book providers can also support a one-off table for each of their containers. Callers retrieve this one-off table by calling the container's IMAPIProp::OpenProperty method and requesting the PR_CREATE_TEMPLATES (PidTagCreateTemplates) property. The templates available through this table are used to add recipients to the container. For a discussion of the differences between the two types of one-off tables, see Implementing One-Off Tables.

For a list of the required columns in an address book provider's one-off table, see One-Off Tables.