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Last modified: July 23, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

Creates a new MAPIUID structure to be used as a unique identifier.



A pointer to the new MAPIUID structure.


The new MAPIUID structure was created.

The IMAPISupport::NewUID method is implemented for all support objects. Service providers and message services call NewUID whenever they need to generate a long-term unique identifier. A message store provider, for example, might call NewUID to obtain a MAPIUID to put in the PR_SEARCH_KEY (PidTagSearchKey) property of a newly created message.

Do not confuse the MAPIUID structure that you register at logon time with the MAPIUID structures that the NewUID method creates. The MAPIUID structure that you register when you call the IMAPISupport::SetProviderUID method represents your address book or message store provider to MAPI and is used to distinguish entry identifiers that different providers create. This MAPIUID structure should be hard-coded and not obtained through a call to NewUID.

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