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Deletes a profile.

HRESULT DeleteProfile(
  LPTSTR lpszProfileName,
  ULONG ulFlags


[in] A pointer to the name of the profile to be deleted.


[in] Always NULL.


The profile was successfully deleted.


The specified profile does not exist.

The IProfAdmin::DeleteProfile method deletes a profile. If the profile to delete is in use when DeleteProfile is called, DeleteProfile returns S_OK but does not delete the profile immediately. Instead, DeleteProfile marks the profile for deletion and deletes it after it is no longer being used, when all of its active sessions have ended.

The entry point function for each message service in the profile is called with the MSG_SERVICE_DELETE value set in the ulContext parameter. First, the function deletes the service, and then it deletes the service's profile section. The message service entry point function is not called again after the service has been deleted.

No password is required to delete a profile.

For MFCMAPI sample code, see the following table.






MFCMAPI uses the IProfAdmin::DeleteProfile method to delete the selected profile.

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