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PidTagIdentityEntryId Canonical Property

Last modified: July 23, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

Contains the entry identifier for a service provider's identity as defined within a messaging system.

Associated properties:




Data type:



MAPI status

This property does not appear as a property on any object but only as a column in a status table. It is part of the identity of the service provider exposing the status table row. The provider's identity typically refers to its account on the server, but can refer to any representation the provider defines within the messaging system.

This proprerty is commonly set to the appropriate address book entry identifier.

A service provider furnishing any of the identity properties should furnish all of them. Providers that belong to the same message service should expose the same values for the identity properties.

Header Files


Provides data type definitions.


Contains definitions of properties listed as alternate names.

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