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PidTagResourceMethods Canonical Property

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Contains a bitmask of flags that indicate the methods in the IMAPIStatus interface that are supported by the status object.

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MAPI status

This property indicates which of the methods in a status object's implementation of IMAPIStatus are supported. Status objects are allowed to return MAPI_E_NO_SUPPORT from unsupported methods.

Clients use a status object's PR_RESOURCE_METHODS property to avoid making calls to unsupported methods. If the flag that corresponds to a particular method is set, the method exists and can be called. If that flag is clear, the method should not be called.

The status objects implemented by MAPI support the following methods:

Status object

Supported methods

MAPI subsystem

ValidateState only

MAPI address book

ValidateState only

MAPI spooler

ValidateState and FlushQueues

One or more of the following flags can be set in PR_RESOURCE_METHODS:


Indicates that the IMAPIStatus::ChangePassword method is supported.


Indicates that the IMAPIStatus::FlushQueues method is supported.


Indicates that the IMAPIStatus::SettingsDialog method is supported.


Indicates that the IMAPIStatus::ValidateState method is supported.

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