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Describes a sub-object restriction which is used to filter the rows of a message's attachment or recipient table.

Header file:


typedef struct _SSubRestriction
  ULONG ulSubObject;
  LPSRestriction lpRes;
} SSubRestriction;


Type of sub-object to serve as the target for the restriction. Possible values are as follows:


Apply the restriction to a message's recipient table.


Apply the restriction to a message's attachment table.


Pointer to an SRestriction structure.

Sub-object restrictions are not supported by all tables. Typically, only folder contents tables and search results folders support them. For example, sub-object restrictions are used to find a message that has a particular type of attachment or recipient.

If an implementation does not support sub-object restrictions, it returns MAPI_E_TOO_COMPLEX from its IMAPITable::Restrict or IMAPITable::FindRow methods.

For a general discussion of how restrictions work, see About Restrictions.