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Cancels the sending of notifications previously set up with a call to the IMAPISession::Advise method.

HRESULT Unadvise(
  ULONG ulConnection


[in] A connection number associated with an active notification registration. The value of ulConnection must have been returned by a previous call to IMAPISession::Advise.


The registration was successfully canceled.

The IMAPISession::Unadvise method cancels a registration for notification. Unadvise releases its pointer to the caller's advise sink, which it received in the Advise call used for registration.

Generally, Unadvise calls the advise sink's IUnknown::Release method during the Unadvise call. However, if another thread is in the process of calling the advise sink's IMAPIAdviseSink::OnNotify method, the Release call is delayed until the OnNotify method returns.

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