Warning: Request for cross-domain policy at '<URL>' timed out


The connection to the specified URL timed out when the application was searching for a cross-domain policy file.

If a Silverlight 5 application needs to access a service in another domain, the service must explicitly opt in to enable cross-domain access. By opting in, a service affirms that the operations it exposes can safely be invoked by a Silverlight 5 control, without potentially damaging consequences to the data that the service stores.

To correct this error

  • Verify that your Internet connection is working by browsing to a different URL.

  • Attempt to update the service reference. In Solution Explorer, right-click the service reference and then click Update Service Reference.

    A progress dialog box is displayed when the reference is being updated from its original location, and the service client is regenerated to reflect any changes in the metadata.

  • Verify that either a clientaccesspolicy.xml file or a valid crossdomain.xml file exists at the root of the domain in which the service is hosted.

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