OnFullScreenChanged (Silverlight Plug-in Object)


Specifies the handler for a FullScreenChanged event that occurs whenever the FullScreen property of the Silverlight plug-in changes.

object Element

<object ...>
  <param name="onfullscreenchanged" value="functionname"/>


Not available.


silverlightObject.Content.OnFullScreenChange = handlername;

Note Note:

For the object element, the parameter name is onfullscreenchanged. However, in the JavaScript API, you set the handler name by using the onfullscreenchange property (note the missing "d").


Not available.

Managed Code

The name of the function that is invoked when the value of the FullScreen property changes. The default value is null.

The FullScreenChanged event occurs whenever the Silverlight plug-in changes between embedded mode and full-screen mode. In embedded mode, the plug-in is displayed in the Web browser window. In full-screen mode, the plug-in is displayed on top of all other applications.

When the Silverlight plug-in is displayed in embedded mode, the plug-in is contained in the browser window. When the Silverlight plug-in is displayed in full-screen mode, the plug-in is resized to the current resolution of the display and overlays all other applications, including the browser.

For more information about full-screen behavior, see Full-Screen Support.

Arguments for a FullScreenChanged Event Handler Function



The Silverlight plug-in that raised the event.


Always null.

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