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Web Services and the .NET Framework

Accessing Raw SOAP Messages in ASP.NET Web Services
All About ASMX 2.0, WSE 3.0, and WCF
Changes in from .NET Framework 1.0 to 1.1
Developing .NET Web Services with Beta 2
Developing Distributed Services Today
Federated Identity Management Interoperability
A Guide to Interoperating with the Information Card Profile V1.0
A Guide to Supporting Information Cards within Web Applications and Browsers as of Windows CardSpace v1.0
How to Call a .NET-based Web Service Using the SOAP::Lite Perl Library
HTTP Security and ASP.NET Web Services
Improving Web Service Interoperability
Increase Your App's Reach Using WSDL to Combine Multiple Web Services
Inside WSDL with .NET Attribution
Integrating Web Services and COM Components
The Laws of Identity
Managing Security Context Tokens in a Web Farm
Microsoft's Vision for an Identity Metasystem
Migrating to WSE 3.0
Moving to .NET and Web Services
Performance of ASP.NET Web Services, Enterprise Services, and .NET Remoting
Real-World XML: Manipulate XML Data Easily with the XPath and XSLT APIs in the .NET Framework
RPC/Literal and Freedom of Choice
Run ASMX Without IIS
Secure It: WS-Security and Remoting Channel Sinks Give Message-Level Security to Your SOAP Packets
Secure, Reliable, Transacted Web Services: Architecture and Composition
Securing Web Services with ISA Server
Securing Web Services with WSE 2.0
System.Messaging Performance
A Technical Introduction to the Devices Profile for Web Services
A Technical Reference for the Information Card Profile V1.0
Techniques for Contract-First Development
Toward Converging Web Service Standards for Resources, Events, and Management
Using WS-Trust and WS-SecureConversation
Web Services and the Microsoft Platform
Web Services: Extend the ASP.NET WebMethod Framework by Adding XML Schema Validation
Web Services: Extend the ASP.NET WebMethod Framework with Business Rules Validation
Web Services, Opaque Data, and the Attachments Problem
Web Services Protocol Workshops Process Overview
What's New for Web Services Developers in Windows Server 2003 and Visual Studio .NET 2003
WSE Security: Protect Your Web Services Through The Extensible Policy Framework In WSE 3.0
XML Files: Merging XML Files, Schema Validation, and More
XML Files: Web Services and DataSets
XML Files: Web Services Encoding and More
XML Files: XML Namespace Collisions, XmlNodeList and Deserialization, and More
XML Files: All About Blogs and RSS
XML Files: A Survey of Publicly Available Web Services at Microsoft
XML Files: Understanding XML Namespaces
XML Files: WS-Policy and WSE 2.0 Assertion Handlers
XML Files: XML Report from PDC 2003
XML Files: XSLT Keys, Select vs. Match, Conflict Resolution, and More
XML Overview Towards Understanding SOAP
XML, SOAP, and Binary Data
XML Web Services Basics
Security Technical Articles
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