Registering an Application with Still Image

Once an STI-compatible application is installed, it must be registered as an application that can use the push model with the STI API. This is done in one of two ways:

  1. The install program can call RegisterLaunchApplication.
  2. The application itself can call RegisterLaunchApplication the first time it runs.

The application must be registered by invoking the RegisterLaunchApplication method at least once. It is actually preferable to have your application call RegisterLaunchApplication every time it runs. That way, the Still Image system is able to find the application even if it has been moved.

Once the application is registered, the user must manually connect the application to device events by using the Still Image Control Panel.

When a registered, push-model application is uninstalled, it must remove its information from the Still Image system. The STI method UnRegisterLaunchApplication removes this information.



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