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Describes information that relates to an event that is service provider-specific.

Header file:


  ULONG ulEvent;
  ULONG cb;
  LPBYTE pbEventParameters;


Extended event code that is defined by the provider.


Count of bytes in the event-specific parameters pointed to by pbEventParameters.


Pointer to event-specific parameters. The type of parameters that are used depends on the value of the ulEvent member; these parameters are documented by the provider that issued the event.

The EXTENDED_NOTIFICATION structure is one of the members of the union of structures included in the info member of the NOTIFICATION structure. When the info member of a NOTIFICATION structure contains an EXTENDED_NOTIFICATION structure, the ulEventType member of the NOTIFICATION structure is set to fnevExtended.

The extended event is defined by a service provider to represent a type of change that cannot be covered by any of the other predefined events. Only clients that know before they register that a service provider supports an extended event can register for that event. It is not possible for clients to determine without advanced knowledge if a service provider supports an extended event. If a service provider supports an extended event, it shows how to handle such an event when it is received.

An extended notification is sent by the session when a client logs off. Register for this notification by calling IMAPISession::Advise with the lpEntryID parameter set to NULL and the cbEntryID parameter set to zero.

For more information about notification, see the topics described in the following table.



Event Notification in MAPI

General overview of notification and notification events.

Handling Notifications

Discussion of how clients should handle notifications.

Supporting Event Notification

Discussion of how service providers can use the IMAPISupport methods to generate notifications.