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Defines a callback function that MAPI calls when it has dismissed a modeless address book dialog box.

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Client applications

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  ULONG_PTR ulUIParam,
  LPVOID lpvContext


[in] An implementation-specific 32-bit value typically used for passing user interface information to a function. For example, in Microsoft Windows this parameter is the parent window handle for the dialog box and is of type HWND, cast to a ULONG_PTR. A value of zero indicates there is no parent window.


[in] Pointer to an arbitrary value passed to the callback function when MAPI calls it. This value can represent an address of significance to the client application. Typically, for C++ code, lpvContext is a pointer to the address of a C++ object instance.

When the client application invokes a modeless address book dialog box, it includes in its Windows message loop a call to a function based on the ACCELERATEABSDI prototype, which checks for and processes accelerator keys. When the dialog box is closed, MAPI calls the DISMISSMODELESS based function so that the client application will stop calling the ACCELERATEABSDI based function.