PidTagReplyRecipientEntries Canonical Property

Last modified: July 23, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

Contains a sized array of entry identifiers for recipients that are to get a reply.

Associated properties:




Data type:



MAPI envelope

This property contains a FLATENTRYLIST structure and is not a multivalued property.

When this property is not present, a reply is sent only to the user identified by the PR_SENDER_ENTRYID (PidTagSenderEntryId) property. When this and the PR_REPLY_RECIPIENT_NAMES (PidTagReplyRecipientNames) properties are defined, the reply is sent to all of the recipients identified by these two properties. A transport provider uses these properties to override the usual reply logic.

If either this property or the PR_REPLY_RECIPIENT_NAMES property is set, the other property must be set also. These properties must contain the same number of recipients, and they must contain them in the same order. Failure to observe these requirements can cause unpredictable results.

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