Last modified: July 23, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

Modifies the status table by adding a new row or modifying an existing row.

HRESULT ModifyStatusRow(
ULONG cValues,
LPSPropValue lpColumnVals,
ULONG ulFlags


[in] The count of properties to be included in the new or modified status table row.


[in] A pointer to an array of property values that describe the properties to be included as columns in the new or modified status table row.


[in] A bitmask of flags that controls how information that defines the status table row is processed. The following flag can be set:


Directs MAPI to merge the properties included in the array pointed to by lpColumnVals with an existing status table row, rather than in a new row.


The status table was successfully updated.

The IMAPISupport::ModifyStatusRow method is implemented for all service provider support objects. Service providers call ModifyStatusRow at logon time to add a row to the status table and at other times during the session to update the row. ModifyStatusRow provides MAPI with the information necessary to build the status table.

Set the STATUSROW_UPDATE flag when you call ModifyStatusRow to make changes to the properties in your existing status table row. Doing so informs MAPI that only the columns being changed are passed in the lpColumnVals parameter.

Clients can use the information in the status table to access your status object.

For a complete list of columns that you should include in your status table row, see Status Tables.