MAPI Session Handling

Last modified: July 23, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

Before you can communicate with service providers and an underlying messaging system, you must establish a session. A MAPI session is a link from a client to other MAPI components. As the result of successfully starting a session, MAPI returns to clients a pointer to a session object — an object that implements the IMAPISession interface. For more information, see IMAPISession : IUnknown. You can use the methods of the IMAPISession interface to access the objects of address book and message store providers, access several tables, display forms, set transport provider properties, and perform profile and message service administration.

Starting a MAPI Session

Describes how to start a MAPI session and includes links to topics with more detailed information.

Ending a MAPI Session

Describes how to end a MAPI session.

Accessing Objects by Using the Session

Describes how to use a session pointer to access session objects.

Retrieving Primary and Provider Identity

Describes the properties used to retrieve primary and provider identity.

Status Table and Status Objects

Describes how to access information from the status table.