Last modified: July 23, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

Displays a configuration property sheet.

HRESULT DoConfigPropsheet(
  ULONG_PTR ulUIParam,
  ULONG ulFlags,
  LPSTR lpszTitle,
  LPMAPITABLE lpDisplayTable,
  LPMAPIPROP lpConfigData,
  ULONG ulTopPage


[in] A handle to the parent window of the property sheet.


[in] Reserved; must be zero.


[in] A pointer to the title of the property sheet.


[in] A pointer to the display table that describes the controls to appear on the property sheet.


[in] A pointer to the IMAPIProp implementation to be used for accessing the configuration properties to be displayed on the property sheet.


[in] A zero-based index to the default top page of the property sheet.


The configuration property sheet was displayed.

The IMAPISupport::DoConfigPropsheet method is implemented for all support objects. DoConfigPropSheet provides a standard user interface for displaying the properties of service providers and message services. You should use this standard dialog box for all configuration property displays so that users benefit from a consistent Windows interface.

Service providers call DoConfigPropSheet as part of their implementation of the IMAPIStatus::SettingsDialog method or from a button used to display details on properties. Message services call DoConfigPropSheet from their message service entry point function.

You can create the display table pointed to by the lpDisplayTable parameter by calling the BuildDisplayTable function or with custom code.