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Last modified: July 23, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

Removes preprocessed information written by a PreprocessMessage based function from a message.

Header file:


Defined function implemented by:

Transport providers

Defined function called by:

MAPI spooler

HRESULT RemovePreprocessInfo(
  LPMESSAGE lpMessage


[in] Pointer to the preprocessed message from which information is to be removed.


Preprocessed information was removed successfully.

The MAPI spooler calls a function based on RemovePreprocessInfo. A transport provider registers the RemovePreprocessInfo based function at the same time it registers the parallel PreprocessMessage based function in a call to the IMAPISupport::RegisterPreprocessor method.

An image rendering suitable for fax transmission is an example of preprocessed information written by a function defined by the PreprocessMessagefunction prototype. The MAPI spooler usually calls a RemovePreprocessInfo function after sending a message that contains preprocessed information.

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