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PidTagJunkIncludeContacts Canonical Property

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Indicates whether e-mail addresses of the contacts in the Contacts folder are treated specially with respect to the spam filter.

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If set to “0x00000001”, these e-mail addresses must populate the “trusted” contact e-mail address portion of the Junk E-Mail Rule Restriction such that mail from these addresses is treated as “not junk”. If set to “0x00000000”, e-mail addresses from the Contacts folder must not be added to the Junk E-Mail Rule, and the section of the rule must be NULL.

If this property is present with a value of “0x00000001” and if the added contact has e-mail addresses that are not yet included in the trusted contacts section of the Junk E-Mail Rule, those e-mail addresses must be added to the restriction. If this property is “0x00000000”, no action is required.

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Enables the handling of allow/block lists and the determination of junk e-mail messages.

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