SLP Code Protector Support for .NET Framework

Microsoft Software Licensing and Protection (SLP) Code Protector supports the following Microsoft .NET Framework versions: 


• .NET Framework 1.1 

• .NET Framework 2.0 

• .NET Framework 3.0 


.NET Framework 3.0 is not a full version of the .NET Framework. It only contains additional libraries for .NET Framework 2.0. SLP Code Protector does not have an option to select .NET Framework 3.0 within the application. However, you can protect your .NET Framework 3.0 code. When protecting a .NET Framework 3.0 application, select the current .NET Framework 2.0 version in the Target Framework drop-down box in the right panel of SLP Code Protector.

SLP Code Protector Requirement

The .NET Framework 3.0 libraries are required to install and run SLP Code Protector. 


Note: SLPS Code Protector Setup is blocked if you do not have .NET Framework 3.0 installed on your computer. 


If .NET Framework 3.0 is not installed, the following error will occur: 




Visual Studio 2008 Development Environment

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 targets .NET Framework 3.5 by default. SLP Code Protector does not support code transformation for .NET Framework 3.5. However, when setting up a new project in Visual Studio 2008, change the targeted framework that you want to develop in to either .NET Framework 2.0 or .NET Framework 3.0 to protect you code in this development environment.

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