Spatial Results Window

The Spatial results window provides visual mapping tools for viewing spatial data. To view spatial results, your query results must include a spatial column with either geometry or geography data.


The Spatial results window is only available if your results are returned to a grid in the Results window. If you specify that your results are returned as text, this window is not available.

Select spatial column

Specify the spatial column you want to view from the spatial columns in the query results. Only one column can be selected at a time.

Select label column

Specify the non-spatial column from the columns returned in the query results to label the spatial data. Only one column can be selected at a time.

This option is not available when only point instances are returned in a query.

Select projection

Display geography data in one of four projections: Equirectangular, Mercator, Robinson, or Bonne.

This option is not available for geometry data.


Adjust the map display on an exponential scale.

Show grid lines

Toggle coordinate gridlines on or off.

For polygon shapes, the label is displayed only when the shape is large enough to hold the label text. To display labels for small shapes, adjust the zoom.


Point instances cannot be labeled.

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