OpenXMLDocuments.MergeDocuments Method

OpenXMLDocuments.MergeDocuments Method

Last modified: October 01, 2009

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Opens the specified XML document or form for merging, or for handling multiple XML documents or forms, within its associated application.

expression.MergeDocuments(bstrTemplateLocation As String, varDocuments, bstrDefaultSaveLocation As String)


An expression that returns an OpenXMLDocuments Control object.


A string that contains the URL of the location of the XML document or form to open for merging.


An Object representing a collection of XML documents or forms, expressed as variants, to be merged. Implementation includes the ability to pass a single variant, a collection of variants, or null. The SharePoint Foundation form library's combine.aspx page passes NULL, a single XML document or form URL, or a collection of XML document or form URLs..


A string that contains the URL that specifies the default location for saving for the resulting XML document or form that has been merged.

true if the XML document or form template successfully opens; otherwise false.

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