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Copies or moves one or more messages.

HRESULT CopyMessages(
  LPCIID lpInterface,
  LPVOID lpDestFolder,
  ULONG_PTR ulUIParam,
  ULONG ulFlags


[in] A pointer to an array of ENTRYLIST structures that identify the message or messages to copy or move.


[in] A pointer to the interface identifier (IID) that represents the interface to be used to access the destination folder pointed to by the lpDestFolder parameter. Passing NULL results in the service provider returning the standard folder interface, IMAPIFolder : IMAPIContainer. Clients must pass NULL. Other callers can set the lpInterface parameter to IID_IUnknown, IID_IMAPIProp, IID_IMAPIContainer, or IID_IMAPIFolder.


[in] A pointer to the open folder to receive the copied or moved messages.


[in] A handle to the parent window of any dialog boxes or windows this method displays. The ulUIParam parameter is ignored unless the client sets the MESSAGE_DIALOG flag in the ulFlags parameter and passes NULL in the lpProgress parameter.


[in] A pointer to a progress object that displays a progress indicator. If NULL is passed in lpProgress, the message store provider displays a progress indicator by using the MAPI progress object implementation. The lpProgress parameter is ignored unless the MESSAGE_DIALOG flag is set in ulFlags.


[in] A bitmask of flags that controls how the copy or move operation is accomplished. The following flags can be set:


Informs the message store provider to immediately return MAPI_E_DECLINE_COPY if it implements IMAPIFolder::CopyMessages by calling the support object's IMAPISupport::DoCopyTo or IMAPISupport::DoCopyProps method.


Displays a progress indicator as the operation proceeds.


The message or messages are to be moved instead of copied. If MESSAGE_MOVE is not set, the messages are copied.


The message or messages have been successfully copied or moved.


The provider implements this method by calling a support object method, and the caller has passed the MAPI_DECLINE_OK flag.


The call succeeded, but not all entries were successfully copied or moved. When this warning is returned, the call should be handled as successful. To test for this warning, use the HR_FAILED macro. For more information, see Using Macros for Error Handling.

The IMAPIFolder::CopyMessages method copies or moves messages to another folder.

Messages that are opened with read/write permission can be moved or copied.

If you are copying messages to another message store without using the IMAPISupport::CopyMessages method, you must first call IMAPIFolder::SetReadFlags with the GENERATE_RECEIPT_ONLY flag set. The receiving message store is not responsible for generating read reports for the copied or moved messages. If you are calling IMAPISupport::CopyMessages to implement IMAPIFolder::CopyMessages, do not call SetReadFlags; MAPI will call it.

Your implementation can move or copy the messages in any order and generate read status reports in any order. That is, you can finish copying messages before generating any of the read status reports or send the reports before your implementation starts the copy operation. However, read reports should be sent for all messages to be copied, regardless of whether the copy is successful.

When the copy or move operation involves more than one message, perform the operation as completely as possible. Do not stop the operation prematurely unless a failure occurs that is beyond your control, such as running out of memory, running out of disk space, or corruption in the message store.

Try to maintain entry identifiers across move or copy operations. You should also preserve entry identifiers, although it is not required.

Send notifications when you move or copy messages so that clients are forewarned that their calls to the messages' IMAPIProp::SaveChanges methods may fail.

Do not include a message's status in the copy or move operation. Moving or copying a message status greatly affects performance.

Use IMAPIFolder::CopyMessages to populate search-results folders, where messages are often grouped by parent folder.

Expect these return values under the following conditions.


Return value

IMAPIFolder::CopyMessages has successfully copied or moved every message.


IMAPIFolder::CopyMessages was unable to successfully copy or move every message.


IMAPIFolder::CopyMessages was unable to complete.

Any error value

When IMAPIFolder::CopyMessages is unable to complete, do not assume that no work was done. IMAPIFolder::CopyMessages might have been able to copy or move one or more messages before encountering the error.