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Copies a single property value from a source location to a destination location.

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Client applications and service providers

SCODE PropCopyMore(
  LPSPropValue lpSPropValueDest,
  LPSPropValue lpSPropValueSrc,
  ALLOCATEMORE * lpfAllocMore,
  LPVOID lpvObject


[out] Pointer to the location to which this function writes an SPropValue structure defining the copied property value.


[in] Pointer to the SPropValue structure that contains the property value to be copied.


[in] Pointer to the MAPIAllocateMore function to be used to allocate additional memory if the destination location is not large enough to hold the property to be copied.


[in] Pointer to an object for which MAPIAllocateMore will allocate space if necessary.


The single property value was copied successfully.


An unknown property type was encountered.

A client application or service provider can use the PropCopyMore function to copy a property out of a table that is about to be freed in order to use it elsewhere.

PropCopyMore does not need to allocate memory unless the property value copied is of a type, such as PT_STRING8, that does not fit in an SPropValue structure. For these large properties, the function allocates memory using the MAPIAllocateMore function to which a pointer is passed in the lpfAllocMore parameter.

Injudicious use of PropCopyMore fragments memory; consider using the ScCopyProps function instead.