Setting a Table Position with a Filter

Last modified: July 23, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

Table users can move the cursor to a row that matches a set of filter criteria. Filters can be based on a variety of guidelines such as column property values, bitmasks, or subobjects. Filters are specified in MAPI using an SRestriction structure.

To position a table to the first row that matches the criteria established in a restriction

  • Call the IMAPITable::FindRow method. Starting with the row represented by a particular bookmark, FindRow searches in either a forward or backward direction to locate a row that matches the criteria specified in the restriction. FindRow can be useful for implementing a scroll bar that is based on character strings, instead of fractional values. For example, a client can call MAPI's implementation of FindRow when searching through the integrated address book to enable a user, by entering one or more characters, to locate the first name that begins with the specified characters.