Last modified: July 23, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

Describes a comment restriction, which is used to annotate a restriction.

Header file:


typedef struct _SCommentRestriction
  ULONG          cValues;
  LPSRestriction lpRes;
  LPSPropValue   lpProp;
} SCommentRestriction;


Count of property values in the array pointed to by the lpProp member.


Pointer to an SRestriction structure.


Pointer to an array of SPropValue structures, each containing the property tag and value for a named property.

The SCommentRestriction structure associates an object together with a set of named properties. Comment restrictions are unlike other restrictions because they are not evaluated. That is, they are ignored by the IMAPITable::Restrict method. There is no effect on the rows returned by the IMAPITable::QueryRows method after an IMAPITable::Restrict call has been made.

The SCommentRestriction structure can be used to keep application-specific information with a restriction when it is saved on disk. For example, a client saving the name of a named property used in a property restriction can do so in an SCommentRestriction structure. Saving a property name is not possible in a property restriction because the associated SPropertyRestriction structure holds only the property tag.

For more information about the SCommentRestriction structure and restrictions in general, see About Restrictions.