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PidLidTaskAssigners Canonical Property
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PidLidTaskAssigners Canonical Property

Last modified: July 23, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

Contains a stack of entries that represent task assigners. The most recent task assigner appears at the top of the stack.

Associated properties:


Property set:


Long ID (LID):


Data type:




When the client receives a task request, it appends to this property, which structure is defined in [MS-OXOTASK], an entry that represents the task’s sender. When the client receives a task rejection, the client removes the last task assigner entry from this property. When the client sends a task response, the client sends it to the last task assigner listed in the value of this property.

Protocol Specifications


Provides property set definitions and references to related Exchange Server protocol specifications.


Defines several objects that model the electronic equivalent of tasks, task assignments, and task updates

Header Files


Provides data type definitions.

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