Initializing the MAPI Utilities

Last modified: July 23, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

If the only part of MAPI that you need to use are the utilities — the interfaces and functions declared in MAPI's MAPIUTIL.H header file such as IPropData and ITableData — you do not need to call MAPIInitialize for initialization. For more information, see IPropData : IMAPIProp, ITableData : IUnknown, and MAPIInitialize. Instead, call the ScInitMapiUtil function. For more information, see ScInitMapiUtil. ScInitMapiUtil enables client applications to use utility functions and methods that require MAPI allocators, but that do not ask for them explicitly.

At shutdown time, make a call to DeinitMapiUtil to free resources connected to the utilities. Do not call MAPIUninitialize. For more information, see DeinitMapiUtil and MAPIUninitialize.

Be aware that the ITableData interface does not support table notifications for clients that have called ScInitMapiUtil rather than MAPIInitialize.