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XML Schema Explorer Overview

The XML Schema Explorer enables you to work with XML Schema definition language (XSD) schemas. When you select an XML Schema file, the XML Schema Explorer opens it, together with related XSD files, as a schema set. A schema set includes any included or imported schemas, and any file referenced through an include or import statement.

The XML Schema Explorer provides a hierarchal view of the schema set through a tree view. The XML Schema Explorer also provides search, filtering, navigation, and sorting. To access the XML Schema Explorer, select XML Schema Explorer on the View menu. XML Schema Explorer should display when you open an XSD file. You can disable XML Schema Explorer by closing the tool window. You can re-enable XML Schema Explorer by selecting XML Schema Explorer on the View menu.

Tree View

The XML Schema Explorer displays pre-compiled schema set information in a tree structure. The tree structure is organized as follows:

  • At the top level is the schema set node.

  • The second level contains the namespaces.

  • The third level contains the files.

  • The fourth level contains the global nodes. This can include elements, groups, complex types, simple types, attributes, and attribute groups.

The following is an example of the tree structure:

Schema Set

    Namespace 1

        File 1

            Global node 1

    Namespace 2

        File 2

            Global node 2

Integration with the XML Editor

The XML Schema Explorer is integrated with the XML Editor. You can navigate between the two views by using either of the following methods:

  • In the XML Schema Explorer, right-click (or double click) a node and select View Code.

  • In the XML Editor, right-click a node and select Show in XML Schema Explorer.

The following screenshot shows an XML Schema opened in the XML Schema Explorer. The XML Schema Explorer displays the schema set in a tree view. The XML Editor displays the text view of the node that is currently active in the XML Schema Explorer.

View of the XML Schema Explorer

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