This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

UpdateFunction Element (MSL)

The UpdateFunction element in mapping specification language (MSL) maps the update function of an entity type in the conceptual model to a stored procedure in the underlying database. Stored procedures to which modification functions are mapped must be declared in the storage model. For more information, see Function Element (SSDL).

If you do not map all three of the insert, update, or delete operations of a entity type to stored procedures, the unmapped operations will fail if executed at runtime and an UpdateException is thrown.

The UpdateFunction element can be a child of the ModificationFunctionMapping element and applied to the EntityTypeMapping element.

The UpdateFunction element can have the following child elements:

Applicable Attributes

The following table describes the attributes that can be applied to the UpdateFunction element.

Attribute Name Is Required Value



The namespace-qualified name of the stored procedure to which the update function is mapped. The stored procedure must be declared in the storage model.



The name of the output parameter that returns the number of rows affected.


The following example is based on the School model and shows the UpdateFunction element used to map update function of the Person entity type to the UpdatePerson stored procedure. The UpdatePerson stored procedure is declared in the storage model.

<EntityTypeMapping TypeName="SchoolModel.Person">
    <InsertFunction FunctionName="SchoolModel.Store.InsertPerson">
      <ScalarProperty Name="EnrollmentDate"
                      ParameterName="EnrollmentDate" />
      <ScalarProperty Name="HireDate" ParameterName="HireDate" />
      <ScalarProperty Name="FirstName" ParameterName="FirstName" />
      <ScalarProperty Name="LastName" ParameterName="LastName" />
      <ResultBinding Name="PersonID" ColumnName="NewPersonID" />
    <UpdateFunction FunctionName="SchoolModel.Store.UpdatePerson">
      <ScalarProperty Name="EnrollmentDate"
                      Version="Current" />
      <ScalarProperty Name="HireDate" ParameterName="HireDate"
                      Version="Current" />
      <ScalarProperty Name="FirstName" ParameterName="FirstName"
                      Version="Current" />
      <ScalarProperty Name="LastName" ParameterName="LastName"
                      Version="Current" />
      <ScalarProperty Name="PersonID" ParameterName="PersonID"
                      Version="Current" />
    <DeleteFunction FunctionName="SchoolModel.Store.DeletePerson">
      <ScalarProperty Name="PersonID" ParameterName="PersonID" />

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