How to: Validate an .edmx File Model

[This page is specific to the latest version of the Entity Framework. The latest version is available as the 'Entity Framework' NuGet package. For more information, see Entity Framework Releases and Versioning.]

The Entity Designer enables you to validate an .edmx file. When you validate an .edmx file with the Entity Designer, any validation errors that occur will be shown in the Error List . Note that validation errors are not fatal errors; a project will build successfully even when the file has validation errors.

You can also validate an .edmx file from the command line by using the EdmGen.exe tool. For more information, see EDM Generator (EdmGen.exe).

To validate an .edmx file

  • Open the .edmx file in Visual Studio.


  • Save the .edmx file with it open in Visual Studio.


  • Build the project that includes the .edmx file.

    The Validate on Build property of the .edmx file must be set to true for the project to be validated upon building the project.

To validate all .edmx files that that are open in Visual Studio

  • For any open .edmx file, right-click the .edmx file in the Model Browser window and select Validate .


  • With the .edmx file open in the Entity Designer, right-click the design surface and select Validate .

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