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Called by the framework to route and dispatch command messages and to update command user-interface objects.

virtual BOOL OnCmdMsg(
   UINT nID,
   int nCode,
   void* pExtra,

[in] nID

The command ID.

[in] nCode

Identifies the command notification code. See CCmdTarget::OnCmdMsg for more information about values for nCode.

[in] pExtra

Used according to the value of nCode. See CCmdTarget::OnCmdMsg for more information about pExtra.

[in, out] pHandlerInfo

Typically, this parameter should be NULL.If not NULL, OnCmdMsg fills in the pTarget and pmf members of the pHandlerInfo structure instead of dispatching the command.

Nonzero if the message is handled; otherwise 0.


Header: afxmdiframewndex.h