This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Internal Classes

The following classes are used internally in MFC. For completeness, this section describes these internal classes, but they are not intended to be used directly in your code.



CCommandManager Class

The CCommandManager class manages commands and their association with images.

CDialogImpl Class (MFC)

Provides implementation details to dialog box-based classes, such as CDialogEx.

CDocumentAdapter Class

Implements IDocument interface required for Search and Organize handlers.

CFrameImpl Class

The CFrameImpl class handles toolbar customization for the following frame window classes: CFrameWndEx Class, CMDIFrameWndEx Class, and COleIPFrameWndEx Class.

CFullScreenImpl Class

Implements full-screen functionality common to SDI and MDI applications.

CMDIClientAreaWnd Class

The CMDIClientAreaWnd class is a helper class that simplifies implementation of MDI tabs and MDI tabbed groups.

CMemDC Class

A helper class for a memory device context. The memory device context supports offscreen drawing.

CMenuHash Class

Reads the state of CMFCToolBar objects from an archive or writes the state to an archive.

CMenuImages Class

Provides the functionality to display predefined images such as close buttons, maximize buttons, radio buttons, and arrows.

CMFCCaptionButtonEx Class

Holds the non-client area of system caption buttons.

CMFCCaptionMenuButton Class

Represents a menu button that is located in the caption area of a task pane or toolbar.

CMFCColorPropertySheet Class

Used by CMFCColorDialog Class to provide a tabbed dialog box.

CMFCControlBarImpl Class

Provides implementation details to control bar-based classes, such as CMFCReBar and CMFCToolBar.

CMFCControlRenderer Class

A helper class that handles image rendering.

CMFCControlRendererInfo Class

A helper class for passing parameters to CMFCControlRenderer Class.

CMFCCustomizeButton Class

Supports a menu command or a toolbar button that starts a customization dialog box.

CMFCCustomizeMenuButton Class

Represents a single button on a customization menu.

CMFCDropDownListBox Class

Provides drop-down list box functionality to ribbon combo boxes.

CMFCMousePropertyPage Class

A property page that enables the user to customize mouse behavior.

CMFCOutlookBarPaneAdapter Class


CMFCOutlookBarPaneButton Class

Implements a button that the framework adds to a CMFCOutlookBarPane object.

CMFCOutlookBarPaneList Class

Extends the CMFCOutlookBarPane class to provide the Outlook visual style.

CMFCOutlookBarScrollButton Class

Provides scrolling functionality to the CMFCOutlookBarTabCtrl class.

CMFCOutlookBarToolBar Class

Implements a toolbar that has the Outlook 2003 visual style.

CMFCPropertySheetCategoryInfo Class

Represents a node in a tree control.

CMFCPropertySheetTabCtrl Class

Extends the CMFCTabCtrl class to provide property sheet functionality.

CMFCProperySheetListBox Class

Extends the CListBox class to provide property sheet functionality.

CMFCReBarState Class


CMFCRibbonCaptionButton Class

Implements a system caption button.

CMFCRibbonCmdUI Class

Updates ribbon bar objects as needed when the application is idle.

CMFCRibbonCommandsListBox Class


CMFCRibbonDefaultPanelButton Class


CMFCRibbonGalleryIcon Class

Represents an item in a CMFCRibbonGallery object.

CMFCRibbonKeyboardCustomizeDialog Class

Implements a keyboard customization dialog box for applications that contain ribbon bars.

CMFCRibbonKeyTip Class

Implements a pop-up window that displays a key tip for a ribbon bar.

CMFCRibbonPanelMenu Class


CMFCRibbonPanelMenuBar Class

Represents a pop-up menu bar in a ribbon bar.

CMFCRibbonQuickAccessToolBar Class

Implements the Quick Access Toolbar for a ribbon element.

CMFCRibbonRichEditCtrl Class

Implements an edit control that is located on a ribbon bar.

CMFCRibbonTab Class

Represent a tab on a ribbon bar.

CMFCShadowRenderer Class


CMFCShowAllButton Class

Represents a button that is located at the bottom of a pop-up menu that expands to show hidden commands.

CMFCStatusBarPaneInfo Class

Describes the content and appearance of a CMFCStatusBar pane.

CMFCTabButton Class

Provides tab button functionality to tab controls.

CMFCTabInfo Class

Provides information about a tab to tab controls.

CMFCTasksPaneFrameWnd Class

Manages custom caption buttons of a tasks pane.

CMFCTasksPanePropertyPage Class

Manages the relationship between a CMFCTasksPane object and its name.

CMFCTasksPaneToolBar Class

Implements a navigation toolbar that is located at the top of a CMFCTasksPane object.

CMFCToolBarButtonsListButton Class

Displays a list of images that the user can select during customization in the Button Appearance dialog box.

CMFCToolBarDateTimeCtrlImpl Class

Implements a drop source for CMFCToolBar objects.

CMFCToolBarDropSource Class

Implements a drop source for CMFCToolBar objects.

CMFCToolBarDropTarget Class

Implements a drop target for CMFCToolBar objects.

CMFCToolBarEditCtrl Class

Provides edit control functionality to CMFCToolBarEditBoxButton objects.

CMFCToolBarMenuButtonsButton Class

Represents system caption buttons that are located to the right of a menu bar.

CMFCToolBarNameDialog Class

Represents a dialog box that allows the user to specify a new toolbar caption.

CMFCToolBarsCommandsListBox Class

Represents a list box that contains a list of toolbar commands.

CMFCToolBarsCommandsPropertyPage Class

Implements commands customization on a property page.

CMFCToolBarsKeyboardPropertyPage Class


CMFCToolBarsListCheckBox Class

Displays a list of toolbars on the Toolbars page of a Customize dialog box.

CMFCToolBarsListPropertyPage Class

Represents a property page that shows the list of toolbars in a Customize dialog box.

CMFCToolBarsMenuPropertyPage Class

Represents a property page that contains menu customization options in a Customize dialog box.

CMFCToolBarsOptionsPropertyPage Class

Represents the Options page in a Customize dialog box.

CMFCToolBarSpinEditBoxButton Class

Represents a spin button that is located on an edit box.

CMFCToolBarsToolsPropertyPage Class

Represents a property page that allows the user to customize user tools.

CMFCToolBarSystemMenuButton Class

Implements a system caption button that the framework adds to the main menu bar when a user maximizes an MDI child window.

CMFCVisualManagerBitmapCache Class

Manages CMFCControlRenderer objects to improve the performance of operations on bitmaps.

CMultiDocTemplateEx Class

Extends the CMultiDocTemplate class to provide access to the menu resource ID.

COleCntrFrameWndEx Class


COleDocIPFrameWndEx Class

Provides OLE support.

COleServerDocEx Class

Provides operations on OLE server documents.

CPaneContainerGC Class


CPngImage Class

Provides access to image resources that use the .png file format.

CPreviewViewEx Class


CRecentPaneContainerInfo Class

Holds the previous state of a docking pane.

CRibbonCategoryScroll Class

Implements a scroll button that appears when not all elements fit in the area of a ribbon bar.

CSmartDockingGroupGuide Class

Represents the central element of a smart-docking group.

CSmartDockingGroupGuidesManager Class

Manages the smart-docking group guides.

CSmartDockingGroupGuidesWnd Class

Implements a layered, non-rectangular window that the framework uses to display the central group of smart-docking guides.

CSmartDockingHighlighterWnd Class

Implements a semi-transparent window that covers the area to be taken by the dockable pane object that is being docked.

CSmartDockingManager Class

Provides smart-docking functionality to CDockingManager objects.

CSmartDockingStandaloneGuide Class

Implements the smart-docking guide.

CSmartDockingStandaloneGuideWnd Class

Implements a layered, non-rectangular window that the framework uses to display smart-docking guides.

CTagManager Class

The CTagManager class is intended to read values that are stored in XML-like tagged format.

CVSListBoxBase Class

Provides basic functionality to the CVSListBox class.

CVSListBoxEditCtrl Class

Extends standard list box edit control by displaying a small button that opens a dialog box.

CVSToolsListBox Class

Extends standard list box control by providing additional buttons to add, delete and move items in the list box.

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