This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Generate SQL Scripts Dialog Box

Updated: July 2008

When you configure data synchronization in an application, if the synchronization mode for any one of the locally cached tables is set to New and incremental changes after first synchronization, updates are required on the SQL Server database, and the Generate SQL Scripts dialog box appears.


SQL Server change tracking will not be enabled until the server is updated to enable change tracking. For more information, see How to: Configure Data Synchronization to Use SQL Server Change Tracking.

Update server for incremental changes

Select this option to automatically update the SQL Server database to enable incremental synchronization immediately after you close this dialog box.

Save SQL scripts in the project for later use

Select this option to save the generated SQL scripts into the project. Undo scripts are also generated and added to the project.




July 2008

Added topic.

SP1 feature change.