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Called by the framework to draw the specified image on the ribbon category.

virtual BOOL OnDrawImage(
   CDC* pDC,
   CRect rect,
   CMFCRibbonBaseElement* pElement,
   BOOL bIsLargeImage,
   BOOL nImageIndex,
   BOOL bCenter

[in] pDC

Pointer to a device context for the image.

[in] rect

Display rectangle for the image.

[in] pElement

Pointer to the ribbon element that contains the image.

[in] bIsLargeImage

TRUE if the image is the large size; FALSE if the image is the small size.

[in] nImageIndex

Zero-based index of the image in the image array that is contained in the ribbon category.

[in] bCenter

TRUE to center the image in the display rectangle; FALSE to draw the image in the upper-left corner of the display rectangle.

TRUE if the method was successful; otherwise FALSE.

Header: afxribboncategory.h

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