This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

SQL Server Features and ADO.NET

The topics found in this section discuss features in SQL Server that are targeted at developing database applications using ADO.NET.

For more information, see the version of SQL Server Books Online for the version of SQL Server you are using.

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Building SQL Server Applications Overview

SQL Server Programming Overview

Development (Database Engine)

Enumerating Instances of SQL Server (ADO.NET)

Describes how to enumerate active instances of SQL Server.

Provider Statistics for SQL Server (ADO.NET)

Describes support for obtaining SQL Server run-time statistics.

SQL Server Express User Instances (ADO.NET)

Describes support for SQL Server Express user instances.

Database Mirroring in SQL Server (ADO.NET)

Describes database mirroring functionality.

SQL Server Common Language Runtime Integration (ADO.NET)

Describes how data can be accessed from within a common language runtime (CLR) database object in SQL Server.

Query Notifications in SQL Server (ADO.NET)

Describes how .NET Framework applications can request notification from SQL Server when data has changed.

Snapshot Isolation in SQL Server (ADO.NET)

Describes support for snapshot isolation, a row versioning mechanism designed to reduce blocking in transactional applications.