This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Grant a build server permission to serve a team project collection

Tip Tip

You can skip this topic if you deploy your build server while you are logged on as a member of the Project Collection Administrators group.

A build server can build and test code in a team project collection only if the build service account is a member of the Project Collection Build Service Accounts group of that collection.

Required permissions

You must be a member of the Project Collection Administrators group. See Permission reference for Team Foundation Server.

  1. In Visual Studio, in Team Explorer:

    1. If you are not already connected to a team project in the team project collection, then connect to the team project.

    2. Choose Home icon Home, and then choose Settings icon Settings.

  2. Under Team Project Collection, choose Group Membership.

    Your web browser displays the Security tab and the Groups sub-tab.

  3. Under TFS Groups, choose Project Collection Build Service Accounts.

    The members of the group appear in the pane on the right side. Verify that your build service account is already present. If not, continue to the next step.

  4. Choose Add, and then choose Add windows user or group.

  5. On the Add a windows User or Group dialog box, type one of the following values into the Identities box, depending on the type of build service account that your build server uses:

    • User account: Type the account name into the box. For example: NORTHAMERICA\FABBUILD

    • NETWORK SERVICE on a computer other than your Team Foundation Server: Type computer_name$. For example, if your computer is named FABRIKAM-1, then you would specify: FABRIKAM-1$

    • NETWORK SERVICE on the same computer as your Team Foundation Server: Type NETWORK SERVICE.

  6. Choose Check Name to confirm that the name is valid, and if it is valid, choose Save Changes.