This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Adding AJAX to ASP.NET Web Sites

The topics in this section provide information about how to use AJAX features of ASP.NET.


Describes AJAX features of ASP.NET and the client and server architecture that supports them.

Partial-Page Rendering Overview

Describes features in ASP.NET AJAX that let you update part of a page without postbacks.

Managing Browser History

Describes how to control the browser's Back and Forward buttons for AJAX navigation.

Web Services in ASP.NET AJAX

Describes how to call Web services by using ASP.NET AJAX.

Debugging and Tracing AJAX Applications Overview

Describes techniques for finding errors in ASP.NET AJAX applications.

AJAX Client Life-Cycle Events

Describes the sequence of events that occur in client script during the ASP.NET AJAX page life cycle.

Combining Client Scripts into a Composite Script

Describes how to dynamically combine JavaScript libraries in order to reduce network overhead for AJAX applications.

Script Globalization and Localization

Describes how to create client script that can be localized.